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Family builds Star Wars costume for son with cerebral palsy

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- A Star Wars-loving Utah family devised an elaborate and awe-inspiring solution to the challenge of finding a Halloween costume for their 5-year-old son with cerebral palsy. Chantelle and Patrick Bailey built a detailed replica of the Millennium Falcon that fits around Sebastian Bailey's walker. It is made of corrugated plastic with a wood foundation. It features blue lights in the back and headlights in the front to match the famous spaceship. On top near Sebastian's Read more [...]

Ex-N.W.A. manager sues over ‘Straight Outta Compton’ film

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Former N.W.A. manager Jerry Heller filed a multimillion dollar defamation lawsuit Friday over the hit film "Straight Outta Compton," claiming it portrayed him as a villain who led to the breakup of the gangster rap group. Heller, who is portrayed in the film by Paul Giamatti, sued former N.W.A. members Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, the widow of rapper Eazy-E, and NBC Universal, which released the film in August. "Straight Outta Compton" was a hit, earning nearly $160 million Read more [...]

Al Molinaro, drive-in owner in "Happy Days," dies at 96

GLENDALE, Calif. (AP) -- Al Molinaro, the loveable character actor with the hangdog face who was known to millions of TV viewers for playing Murray the cop on "The Odd Couple" and malt shop owner Al Delvecchio on "Happy Days," died Friday at Verdugo Hills Hospital in Glendale, his son Michael Molinaro said. Molinaro, retired from acting since the 1990s, died of complications of gallstone problems, his son said. He was 96. The Kenosha, Wisconsin, native was a journeyman performer well Read more [...]

Q&A: Why R&B star Akon decided to appify his next albums

31 Oct 2015 0 Comments
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- On the cusp of his first album release since 2008, Akon wants to steer his considerable fan base away from services like YouTube to a new - and Akon-branded - app where he'll give away music for free, supported by ads. That might strike you as a head-scratcher, given Akon's millions of album sales. But with digital downloads falling and streaming on the rise, it makes sense to the RB star. Akon spoke exclusively with The Associated Press about his plans. This interview Read more [...]

R&B star Akon to debut new albums on his own ‘Stadium’ app

31 Oct 2015 0 Comments
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Akon, an RB star who's collaborated with everyone from Eminem to Andy Samberg, is about to release his first albums in seven years - but you won't find them in stores or on streaming services like Spotify. Instead, he plans to release four albums through a new app, making him the latest artist to experiment with bypassing big record labels and traditional music distribution altogether. The new app, called Stadium, will let fans stream Akon songs for free, although Read more [...]

HP, a Silicon Valley icon, is ready for its break-up

31 Oct 2015 0 Comments
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- One of the nation's most storied tech companies will split in two this weekend, another casualty of seismic shifts in the way people use technology - and big-company sluggishness in responding. Hewlett-Packard was an early pioneer of what became the model for Silicon Valley startups: Founded in 1939 by two Stanford graduates in a Palo Alto, California, garage, HP was long celebrated for its engineering know-how and laid-back corporate culture. It made hefty profits Read more [...]

Russian women on space test unworried about absence of men

31 Oct 2015 0 Comments
MOSCOW (AP) -- Before six Russian women began an eight-day simulation of a voyage to the moon, they had to answer a key question: How could they cope for such a long time without men or makeup? The six women climbed into a mock-up spaceship Wednesday to imitate a lunar flight - an experiment to assess the effects of the confinement and stress of long space travel. Russia's space medicine center has conducted previous isolation experiments, including one in which six males spent 500 Read more [...]

Minor league baseball team gets mascots: Chompers, Chew Chew

31 Oct 2015 0 Comments
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- A new minor league baseball team in Hartford, Connecticut, will have two mascots. The Colorado Rockies Double-A affiliate the Hartford Yard Goats introduced Chompers and Chew Chew to the public Friday. Chompers is a male green furry goat character with blue horns and a tuft of chin hair the team calls a goat-ee. Chew Chew is a female blue furry goat with green horns and pink lipstick. Their names were selected from among 4,000 submissions in an online contest. Read more [...]

Aquarium marks Halloween with underwater jack-o’-lanterns

31 Oct 2015 0 Comments
BOSTON (AP) -- The New England Aquarium is putting some fright into its sea life by adding underwater jack-o'-lanterns to celebrate Halloween. Aquarium divers on Friday placed carved pumpkins among the coral reefs of the 225,000-gallon giant ocean tank. The big question: Will the vegetable-loving, 560-pound Myrtle the Turtle decide to snack on the jack-o'-lanterns? Myrtle the green sea turtle has been at the aquarium since 1970 and is the star of the four-story central exhibit. She Read more [...]

CNBC reaches 14 million viewers with GOP debate

NEW YORK (AP) -- CNBC reached its biggest audience ever with the third Republican presidential debate, but paid a price in criticism of how its moderators handled the opportunity to question the candidates. The Nielsen company said 14 million viewers watched the debate Wednesday night, down from the 24 million who saw the first contest on Fox News Channel in February and 23 million viewers for CNN's second contest. Still, it's an extraordinarily high bar: a 2011 debate with GOP candidates Read more [...]
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