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Facebook wants to nudge you into ‘meaningful’ online groups

22 Jun 2017 0 Comments
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- At Facebook, mere "sharing" is getting old. Finding deeper meaning in online communities is the next big thing. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is no longer satisfied with just connecting the world so that people can pass around baby pictures and live video - or fake news and hate symbols. So the Facebook founder wants to bring more meaning to its nearly 2 billion users by shepherding them into online groups that bring together people with common passions, problems and ambitions. Read more [...]

Uber knew fired exec had info at center of Google theft case

22 Jun 2017 0 Comments
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Uber says it hired a former Google engineer now accused of stealing trade secrets even though the company knew at the time that he had information that didn't belong to him. Uber hired Anthony Levandowski last August to head Uber's project on self-driving cars, something he worked on at Google. Uber is asserting that then-CEO Travis Kalanick told Levandowski not to bring the material with him and that Levandowski assured the company that he had destroyed the Read more [...]

A new platform for Whole Foods? How deal could upend grocery

22 Jun 2017 0 Comments
NEW YORK (AP) -- Seeing Whole Foods products first in Amazon searches? Breezing through the grocer's stores with an app that scans affordable fruits and seafood? Those are among the possible scenarios that unnerved the food industry last week, when Amazon announced a $13.7 billion megadeal to acquire Whole Foods. The two companies have not yet detailed how their proposed union might change the experience for customers. But the deal has the potential to boost the outsized ambitions Read more [...]

Uber searches for a new CEO in wake of Kalanick’s departure

21 Jun 2017 0 Comments
DETROIT (AP) -- Uber seeks a strong manager who can repair a broken image, juggle multiple lawsuits and government investigations, develop and nurture a new corporate culture and lead a successful IPO. That's a lot for potential candidates to consider. Uber needs a new leader after former CEO and company founder Travis Kalanick resigned Tuesday night under pressure from Uber's board and investors. A series of missteps, from allegations of stealing technology to a profanity-laced outburst Read more [...]

Uber CEO is pushed out as company tries to clean up its act

21 Jun 2017 0 Comments
DETROIT (AP) -- Under Travis Kalanick's leadership, Uber's "Animal House"-style business plan was to grow as quickly as possible, steamrolling regulators while flouting the rules of workplace conduct. Behavior at the male-dominated company didn't seem to matter. Riders embraced the app-based ride-hailing system as an inexpensive, easy-to-use alternative to taxis, and still do today. But now Kalanick is out as CEO, resigning under pressure as the company he co-founded eight years ago Read more [...]

Ringing the changes: Dutch bike lock blocks rider’s phone

21 Jun 2017 0 Comments
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) -- A telecom company in the Netherlands has developed a bicycle lock that also blocks its mobile network, in a move aimed at protecting young riders who regularly pedal through busy streets while looking at their phone. An app opens the lock and simultaneously blocks the KPN cellular network, meaning that the cyclist's phone can only be used to call emergency services. Once the bike is locked using the app, the cellphone will work again. The app, developed Read more [...]

Google’s search engine aims to become employment engine

20 Jun 2017 0 Comments
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Google is trying to turn its search engine into an employment engine. Beginning Tuesday, job hunters will be able to go to Google and see help-wanted listings that its search engine collects across the internet. The results will aim to streamline such listings by eliminating duplicate jobs posted on different sites. Google will also show employer ratings from current and former workers, as well as typical commute times to job locations. This detailed jobs information Read more [...]

Apple seeks to void patent claims, fees in Qualcomm dispute

20 Jun 2017 0 Comments
NEW YORK (AP) -- Apple is seeking to void some of Qualcomm's patent claims and licensing agreements, intensifying its legal battle with the chip maker over the technology in iPhones and iPads. In a federal court filing Tuesday, Apple cited a Supreme Court ruling last month that a printer-cartridge maker's patent rights end with the initial sale of the cartridges. Apple says that ruling strengthens its argument that Qualcomm cannot continue to demand royalties for the patents after Read more [...]

Uber allows riders to tip drivers via app, matching Lyft

20 Jun 2017 0 Comments
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Uber is enabling passengers to tip its U.S. drivers with a tap on its ride-hailing app for the first time, part of a push to recast itself as a company with a conscience and a heart. Besides the built-in tipping announced Tuesday, Uber is giving drivers an opportunity to make more money in other ways too. Riders will be charged by the minute if they keep an Uber car waiting for more than two minutes. Uber also is reducing the time riders have to cancel a ride Read more [...]

Harvard freshmen’s ouster over posts draws broad response

19 Jun 2017 0 Comments
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Few college-bound kids lose their shot, and their slot, at their dream school once they get in, but it happened at one of the world's most elite institutions and for a reason that has, until recently, hardly registered in the university admissions process: social media. Harvard University's decision to rescind admission offers to 10 incoming freshmen because of offensive Facebook posts comes at a time of heightened attention to free speech and student conduct on Read more [...]
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