NSA revelations force question: What do we want?

09 Jun 2013 0 Comments
NEW YORK (AP) -- For more than a decade now, Americans have made peace with the uneasy knowledge that someone - government, business or both - might be watching. We knew that the technology was there. We knew that the law might allow it. As we stood under a security camera at a street corner, connected with friends online or talked on a smartphone equipped with GPS, we knew, too, it was conceivable that we might be monitored. Now, though, paranoid fantasies have come face to face with modern Read more [...]

Nude revelers greet popular Colorado tourist train

09 Jun 2013 0 Comments
DURANGO, Colo. (AP) -- Passengers on a recent run of a popular historic railroad in southwest Colorado got a bit more scenery than they paid for: More than a dozen revelers partying on a nearby beach doffed their clothes to greet the train. Their antics on the May 25 run of the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad drew warnings, but no charges, from police in Durango. A photograph taken by James Slavin, a Phoenix tourist on the train, shows beer-holding - and nude - men and women whooping Read more [...]

Made-up names appear in NY high school’s yearbook

09 Jun 2013 0 Comments
SCHAGHTICOKE, N.Y. (AP) -- Officials at a small school district in upstate New York say an "honest mistake" led to students being identified in the yearbook as "Creepy smile kid" and "Some tall guy." The labels appear in photo captions of the high school yearbook at Hoosic Valley, a rural district 20 miles northeast of Albany. Acting Superintendent Amy Goodell tells the Troy Record ( http://bit.ly/122a274 ) a "non-intentional, honest mistake" resulted in some members of the track and field Read more [...]

Swedish male train drivers wear skirts to work

09 Jun 2013 0 Comments
STOCKHOLM (AP) -- Commuters on a train line in northern Stockholm were met with an unusual sight this week: male train drivers and conductors wearing skirts to work. Train driver Martin Akersten says he and more than a dozen others at the Roslagsbanan line have started wearing skirts in the summer as a protest against the train company's uniform policy, which doesn't allow shorts. The 30-year-old Akersten said Sunday the response from customers has been only positive. Arriva, the company Read more [...]

Doctor who OK’d ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ hospital use dies

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) -- The psychiatrist who opened the Oregon State Hospital's doors to filming of the 1975 Academy Award-winning movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" has died. Dr. Dean Brooks died May 30 at a retirement home in Salem at age 96, family members said. He had been in declining health for several weeks after a fall. Brooks' daughter Dennie Brooks said Friday the film's producers were turned down by all the other mental hospitals they approached. But her father, who was Read more [...]

King, Mellencamp break rules with ‘Ghost Brothers’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Stephen King and John Mellencamp had a simple problem when they started the long odyssey to create a musical. "Quite frankly, we didn't know what the hell we were doing," Mellencamp said. Thirteen years later they've created "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County," a musical that's not quite like anything out there - as you might expect from two of America's most independent artists. Along the way, the author and the singer picked up T Bone Burnett to serve as a general Read more [...]

Judge orders inquiry in Paris Jackson wellbeing

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- An investigation into Paris Jackson's well-being has been ordered by a judge overseeing the guardianship of Michael Jackson's three children, court records show. Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff ordered an investigator to look into Paris Jackson's health, education and welfare and recommend whether any changes are necessary on Thursday, one day after she was taken by ambulance from her family's home and hospitalized. Authorities have said they were dispatched to Read more [...]

AP PHOTOS: Where your online data get stored

07 Jun 2013 0 Comments
Internet companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google have vast amounts of data on you. These include the photos and video you share, the email you send and receive and the musings you broadcast to friends on what you are thinking or eating. Internet companies store all this information at data centers they run around the world. When you're ready to read your email, the message gets pulled from a computer at one of these centers. When you're sharing a photo, the image gets transmitted to one of these Read more [...]

Is Big Data turning government into ‘Big Brother’?

07 Jun 2013 0 Comments
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- With every phone call they make and every Web excursion they take, people are leaving a digital trail of revealing data that can be tracked by profit-seeking companies and terrorist-hunting government officials. The revelations that the National Security Agency is perusing millions of U.S. customer phone records at Verizon Communications and snooping on the digital communications stored by nine major Internet services illustrate how aggressively personal data is being Read more [...]

Denials in surveillance program require decoding

07 Jun 2013 0 Comments
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Google CEO Larry Page and Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg are denying reports that depict two of the Internet's most influential companies as willing participants in a secret government program that gives the National Security Agency unfettered access to email and other personal information transmitted on various online services. The rebuttals issued Friday in blog posts expand upon earlier statements that the companies issued in an attempt to distance themselves Read more [...]
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