Rupert Murdoch files for divorce from Wendi Deng

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch has filed for divorce from Wendi Deng Murdoch, his wife since 1999, citing a breakdown in the relationship. The matter doesn't alter the succession plan for the media company, which the 82-year-old founder controls through a family trust. Murdoch filed a one-page document Thursday indicating that he was opening a divorce case in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan. A News Corp. spokesperson confirmed the filing. A sealed document with Read more [...]

AEG CEO cites conflicting info on Jackson health

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The head of the company promoting Michael Jackson's ill-fated comeback concerts testified Thursday that he received conflicting and confusing information about the singer's health days before his death. AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips said he was concerned about information from high-level tour workers that Jackson was unable to rehearse six days before his death, but he was reassured by the pop superstar's doctor that everything was fine. Phillips said the "Thriller" singer Read more [...]

Facebook introduces hashtags

13 Jun 2013 0 Comments
NEW YORK (AP) -- Facebook is introducing hashtags, the number signs used on Twitter, Instagram and other services to identify topics being discussed and allow users to search for them. Facebook Inc. said in a blog post Wednesday that users will be able to click a hashtag to see a feed of discussions about a particular topic. For example, typing a number sign in front of "ladygaga" or "sunset" will turn the words into a link that users can click on to find posts about Lady Gaga or sunsets. Read more [...]

3-D TV falls flat: ESPN to kill 3-D broadcasts

13 Jun 2013 0 Comments
NEW YORK (AP) -- ESPN's decision to shut down its 3-D channel by the end of the year is the latest sign the format won't revolutionize entertainment as the industry once hoped. Troubling signs for 3-D have been on the horizon for the last year or so. ESPN 3D's audience ratings were below The Nielsen Co.'s measurable threshold, and in March, the Motion Picture Association said box office revenue for 3-D showings in the U.S. and Canada held steady at $1.8 billion in 2012. The number of 3-D Read more [...]

Survey: Many Americans say ‘Big Brother’ is here

13 Jun 2013 0 Comments
NEW YORK (AP) -- There's little wonder why George Orwell's novel "1984" is seeing a resurgence in sales. More than half of Americans polled in a survey released Thursday said they agreed with the statement "We are really in the era of Big Brother." The survey from the University of Southern California was conducted last year, before recent revelations of large-scale, secret government surveillance programs. Yet it still found that some 35 percent of respondents agreed that "There is no privacy, Read more [...]

Pa. man finds reptile near sewer, offers gator aid

13 Jun 2013 0 Comments
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A Philadelphia man has offered a little gator aid - calling animal control authorities to help rescue a juvenile alligator he found near a sewer grate on his street. Joe Malseed saw the 18-inch reptile this week in the city's Fishtown neighborhood and snapped its photo before calling for help. He says the alligator was in a puddle and appeared to be emerging from a nearby sewer. He says it was docile until a man tried to get a closer look and it hissed. Police took the Read more [...]

No joke: Jester wanted at Austrian hotel

13 Jun 2013 0 Comments
VIENNA (AP) -- Wanted: A jester. Wallflowers need not apply. It's no joke. An Austrian hotel is advertising for a modern-day court fool, who is communicative, extroverted, musical, creative and imaginative. Applicants are asked to bring - and play - their musical instrument during the job interview. Also welcome: creative costumes. The successful candidate will earn 1,400 euros - around $1,900 - a month. Hotel director Melanie Franke says those interested should not think they're on a Read more [...]

Lawsuit: Man allowed to curse on NY ticket payment

13 Jun 2013 0 Comments
LIBERTY, N.Y. (AP) -- A 22-year-old Connecticut man who wrote obscenities and "Tyranny" on his speeding ticket payment claims in a federal lawsuit that his free speech rights were violated when he was arrested. William Barboza is suing two police officers in the Catskill-area village of Liberty over the arrest. Barboza had replaced the word "Liberty" with "Tyranny" and added an obscenity-laced insult on the payment form accompanying an August 2012 ticket. The lawsuit filed by the New York Read more [...]

Singer, dancer Big Freedia to star in TV show

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The singer and dancer known as Big Freedia is taking his hypersexual, booty-shaking moves from the streets of New Orleans to cable television with a reality show in the Fuse network. The performer's real name is Freddie Ross but his Big Freedia stage persona is a woman. "Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce" will focus on Ross and the New Orleans music scene known as "bounce" - a fusion of hip-hop and quick, repetitive dance beats with heavy bass. Bounce music often includes Read more [...]

Hip, cage-free TV: ‘Portlandia’ is renewed

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- In the last season of "Portlandia," the mayor of this sustainability-obsessed city vanished in shame after he was singled out as Portland's "No. 1 electricity hog," Portland went into a blackout, cats barked, creepy music played, and a bizarre Australian who calls himself "Birdman" told guests at a bed and breakfast "there is no civilization." Carrie and Fred - about the only characters in "Portlandia" with any grip on reality - tracked down the mayor at a compound Read more [...]
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