Raw feelings close to the surface at Fox over Trump remarks

NEW YORK (AP) -- A Fox News Channel anchor whose reaction to President Donald Trump's comments on Charlottesville spread widely says she feels threatened but not deterred after a flood of angry responses from viewers to her words. Kat Timpf, of the show "The Fox News Specialists," said that she's blocked part of her Twitter feed and stopped looking at emails. A day earlier, Timpf called Trump's news conference disgusting and said "I have too much eye makeup on to cry right now." Raw Read more [...]

From Isaac Asimov to Aimee Mann, ‘robophobia’ plagues humans

16 Aug 2017 0 Comments
CINCINNATI (AP) -- Robots are secretly plotting to kill us. Or enslave us. Or, at best, they will take our jobs, one by one. From science fiction written by Isaac Asimov eight decades ago to "Dilbert" cartoons today, the relationship between robots and humans has long fascinated - and worried - people. There's even a term, "robophobia," for an irrational anxiety about robots and other advanced automation machines. And there are concerns beyond the ones stoked by watching too much Read more [...]

Reverence for robots: Japanese workers treasure automation

16 Aug 2017 0 Comments
MORIYA, Japan (AP) -- Thousands upon thousands of cans are filled with beer, capped and washed, wrapped into six-packs, and boxed at dizzying speeds - 1,500 a minute, to be exact - on humming conveyor belts that zip and wind in a sprawling factory near Tokyo. Nary a soul is in sight in this picture-perfect image of Japanese automation. The machines do all the heavy lifting at this plant run by Asahi Breweries, Japan's top brewer. The human job is to make sure the machines do the work Read more [...]

Neo-Nazi site’s publisher says he’s got no home on internet

16 Aug 2017 0 Comments
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- A neo-Nazi website's publisher said Wednesday that he has "effectively been completely banned from the internet" after mocking the victim of a deadly car attack at a white nationalist rally in Virginia. "Clearly, the powers that be believe that they have the ability to simply kick me off the internet," Andrew Anglin, who has published the site from an undisclosed location, complained to The Associated Press in an email. Access to The Daily Stormer had been Read more [...]

Call the fashion cops: ‘Jorts-wearing bandit’ hits St. Louis

16 Aug 2017 0 Comments
ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Anyone who recognizes a man accused of robbing stores in the St. Louis area while wearing jean shorts is being urged to call "the fashion police." St. Louis County Police dubbed the suspect the "jorts-wearing bandit" in a tweet on Monday, and included a photo. The tweet says the suspect's "disregard for the law is as offensive as his disregard for fashion trends." Officer Ben Granda said the unarmed suspect approached a cashier at a Walgreens store in Lemay with Read more [...]

Silent song finds iTunes popularity due to special role

16 Aug 2017 0 Comments
NEW YORK (AP) -- No, the volume is just fine. It's the song. An unusual tune has found its way onto the top 50 on the iTunes charts, alongside Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban hits. The song is completely silent. "A a a a a Very Good Song" costs 99 cents for just under 10 minutes of dead air. While the musical quality of the track is debatable, its popularity is due to its simple role: When people plug smartphones into a car, usually the first song alphabetically plays by default. "A a Read more [...]

Doctor says nail punctured Wisconsin man’s heart

16 Aug 2017 0 Comments
MILWAUKEE (AP) -- The doctor who operated on a Wisconsin man who accidentally shot himself with a nail gun says the nail punctured the patient's heart. Dr. Alexander Roitstein performed the surgery on Doug Bergeson at Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay in June. The doctor said Tuesday it was difficult to assess how deeply the nail penetrated, but said it left bruising and a hole. Roitstein said the nail was a fraction of an inch from a major artery. Bergeson was working on Read more [...]

Michael Moore leads audience of Broadway play to Trump Tower

NEW YORK (AP) -- Michael Moore has led the audience of his Broadway play to Trump Tower to protest President Donald Trump's comments about the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. On Facebook, Moore urged people to join him at Trump Tower after Tuesday night's performance of his one-man show "The Terms of My Surrender" to "nonviolently express our rage." After the play, Moore is seen on a Facebook Live video leading a group of people on buses to the tower, where the president Read more [...]

Coroner: ‘Home Alone’ actor Heard died of cardiac arrest

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- Officials say actor John Heard, whose body was found last month in a Northern California hotel, died of cardiac arrest. The Santa Clara County Coroner's Office said Tuesday an autopsy revealed the 71-year-old actor died "a sudden cardiac death due to atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease." Heard was found dead July 21 in a hotel in Palo Alto, California. He was recovering from back surgery at Stanford University Medical Center. The coroner's office Read more [...]

DJ in Taylor Swift case wasn’t interested in backing down

DENVER (AP) -- The former radio host who lost a groping lawsuit to Taylor Swift in federal court this week said Tuesday he realizes the case was in the pop star's favor, but he had no interest in backing down. David Mueller told The Associated Press someone he knew suggested he pull out of the case early, but he refused. "I knew that I couldn't go on with my life without representing myself," he said. "I'm never going to back down." A six-woman, two-man jury determined Monday that Read more [...]
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