With Cablevision you can order your TV, phone, and internet services individually— or bundle them together into one comprehensive package. We offer the best in HD quality shows, On Demand™ movie options; lightning fast internet speeds, unlimited nationwide calling and more!

With Cablevision Triple Play, you can get the best in TV, high speed internet, and home phone connections.

  • Watch the latest movies On Demand
  • High speed internet (of speeds up to 15 Mbps) allows downloads, video streaming, and photo sharing to be done effortlessly
  • Free internet security is provided— keeping your computer safe from harmful computer viruses
  • Call anyone, anywhere with unlimited calling (within the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands)
  • Enjoy up to 20 free calling features (including: caller ID, call waiting, voice mail, free 411 calling, etc.)
  • Enjoy over 100 free HD channels

Find out how the Cablevision Optimum TV package can provide you with 100 free HD channels of popular programming, including favorites like TBS, NBC, A&E, and Nickelodeon. Watch the shows you like most on your own schedule through On Demand and additional DVR options. If you have children, our provided parental controls will have unwanted shows on lockdown!

It’s time to put TV entertainment in your own hands.

Cablevision Online provides fast Internet speeds of up to 15 Mbps— matching even the fastest of digital lifestyles. We offer a reliable internet service, with free security software (advanced anti-spyware and parental controls). Included with Cablevision Online, receive up to five email addresses, plus Mobile Mail, which allows you to check your email even on the go.

Be protected. Browse fast. Cablevision Online does it all.

Cablevision Voice offers high-clarity phone calls with advanced calling features. Unlimited calling to anyone (within the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) will help you stay connected without draining your wallet. Cablevision Voice also includes 20 free calling features (like voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and 411) that will revamp any regular house phone into a home ‘smart’ phone.

And now, take your home phone on the go by simply using any internet-connected browser. It’s the new modern age for the home phone.


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